Bicentennial Reserve is this home’s backyard and to obtain a much closer connection with the natural environment, wild life and bird watching Bicentennial Reserve offers, the owners took the opportunity to extend the living area to outside with a sleek undercover deck.

Originally the concept was to extend the ground floor of the home to create a garden room, however advice from the Bushfire Attack Level Assessor, the home was considered to be at extreme fire risk resulting in amendments to the original plans and hence the deck was designed.

The deck constructed is polished concrete complimented with a glass balustrade and an iron cladded roof.  As well as the deck, the clients decided during the construction process, to have an exposed aggregate concrete path around the perimeter of the deck, selecting aggregates to blend the nature reserve with the deck.  A free stone rock wall was also added to the construction phase, again to connect to the beautiful surroundings.