The clients wished to gain more space generally, enclose their vehicle parking and bring the entire site forecourt together in a cohesive space.

The design was to be respectful of the existing house’s architecture and to illustrate that this was an extension and not an existing component, thus the flat roof and low separating element to ensure no roof clashes.

The extension was to be multi-functional, from vehicle parking (both inside the garage and also under the large cantilevered roof), hobby dinghy construction, as well as enlarging the master suite to bring it up to the level of the rest of the well-kept home.

A raw material palette was chosen to minimise maintenance, respect the existing split face brickwork and also create a robust and considered entry to the property.

The master suite was contorted to gain access to a magic view of the Derwent River (and the associated morning sun) that was previously denied to the bedroom. The clients put their trust in the whole team and this was repaid when they moved back into their new spaces, appreciating the value they had gained from their faith in the team.